Trouble with Mig Ammo primer

Anyone else having trouble spraying Mig Ammo primers? I use other Mig Ammo paints and they spray fine. Apart from user error. :sleeping: :roll_eyes:

But their primer drys so fast in the nozzle that it’s one clog after another. Do you thin it or mix in a retarder at all?


Hello Bruce!

what I do is dilute it with acrylic thinner A.MIG-2000 and if it dries quickly in the nozzle, I remove it with a paper moistened with water pressing a little so that it enters the hole of the airbrush and gives it fluidity. I hope this help you


If you mean Ammo One Shot, no. I have had no troubles using it straight from the bottle. Using a 0.4mm needle.

No problem here.
Also see here:

Thanks. I’m only using around 18-20 psi. Maybe I need to crank it up a bit.


The only time I ever have had trouble spraying it was when I tryed to thin it. I noticed you got to really mix it well if it’s been sitting around a while. I think I didn’t mixed it very well one time and used the thinner primer on the top of the bottle , after that it seemed to be hard to shoot and I never could get that bottle shooting good again. But all the other bottles have been great and thats all I use now.