Truck Axle Service

This is another small and quick vignette I made in-between my current major truck builds several years ago. I wanted something to take with me to the GGG exhibition in Sweden,at the time. So I came up with this after seeing a pic on the net. I used parts, which I modified to be able to get the open rear axle effect I wanted. I have lots of 1/24 parts left over from older builds, which I’ve discarded over the years.


Ok, Here we go.
Old dirty oil stained pallet - Brilliant.
Gunk in open bell housing - Brilliant.
Worn down inner tyre tread - Brilliant.
Grease build up on the 5th wheel - Brilliant.
worn faded rusted metal work on all parts - brilliant …
Am I building a picture here ??
Seriously, that is all some fantastic attention to detail at every level.


Johnny took my words - brilliant.

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Glad you like it Johnny. Thank you.

HEHE!!! Thanks.

When you get time Charles and if you are doing it, it would be great knowing some of the methods and actual paints / types you used to get those effects.

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Outstanding work as always Charles, you just maintain such a high standard with all of your projects.

Cheers, D

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Will do Johnny. Appreciate you support.

D. Thank you for your uplifting support.

Looks so accurate it made my wallet hurt thinking how much it cost the trucker to replace that broken rear end. A++

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HeHe!!! Probably cheaper just to buy a new axle. Don’t even know how much they cost…mmmmmmm!