Trumpeter 01025 - 9P113 TEL w/9M21 Rocket of 9K52 Luna-M - Question?

Hi all,

I have a noob question regarding building a Trumpeter 01025, namely:

Does anyone know which part is the one “circled” in red? I cannot identify it :thinking:

D58 is identified on the assembly diagram,sprue D also contains
part D57 which is very similar to D58.
D57 doesn’t seem to be used anywhere else.
Check if D57 fits

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Thank you, Uncle :wink: I will definitely buy you a beer once I’m in Stockholm…

However - hold my beer: D57 seems to be used here:

I’m not a beer drinker but I have heard from others that Swedish beer disappoints European beer enthusiasts.
Swedes travel south into Europe in search of good beer …
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DANG !!!
Bummer :angry:

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Oh, common…
I am a beer drinker and I know that are top notch :wink:

That’s in Helsingborg, about 500 to 550 km from Stockholm.
Craft brewery (never heard of) but it is sold by Systembolaget (state monopoly liquor, wine and beer shop).
Beers (any beverage with alcohol) with a alcohol content above 3.5 % can only be bought at Systembolaget and in pubs/restaurants/bars.

How about this part on the D-sprue?

Seems to be a little bit shorter then D58, the assembly diagram also seems
to show the unnamed part to be a little bit shorter than D58.

Page 2, bottom chassis drawing part d23 is the part in question I believe.


That is d23 and the part in question, see above.




Mystery part …

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