Trumpeter 1/144 Gato Class Submarine

This is the 1/144 Trumpeter 1941 Gato submarine. I used Mare Island photos of the USS Wahoo dated August 1942 as the basis for the build. The Mod 2 conversion shows changes to the sail and the cut down aft bridge deck as a Gato sub would have appeared in late1942. I did slight modifications to both deck guns, added radio antenas and modified the periscope sail.

I first primed it with Stynylrez grey primer. The main coat is a 10/3 ratio of Mr Surfacer Black and White mix with the shading for panel lines, etc done in pure black. The chipping was gray Stynylrez applied with a cheap floral spikey piece I found at Hobby Lobby. Stretch line was used for the rigging and the weathering was done with pastels thinned with Naphtha.

Still have a few touch-ups to do, add glass to the conning tower portholes and add the flag. Overall a fun build.