Trumpeter 1/144 Type XXlll U-Boat

I have been working away on this kit and dragging out the build far longer than I should; I need to get it off the bench, so here goes.

I painted and weathered the conning tower insert before installing it.

And basically all together. The kit builds really nicely, and it is off to paint.

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Very nice so far…looking forward to seeing it painted.
Is that a Walter boat in the background?

Thank you,
yes that is the Mikro Mir 1/144 scale Walter boat in the background, that also needs to be finished :smirk:

Thanks for that, I have been looking at getting one myself.

This is where I picking back up from, I needed to do a couple of paint touch ups which I managed to do this morning. Hopefully after work tonight it will be set for a gloss coat.


Looking better and better!..keep up the good work.

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Over the weekend I was able to get the paint touched up and add the grab irons to the front of the conning tower. It would have been smarted to do that before paint, but they were a late addition I decided to add.

Also got a coat of gloss on ready for decals and weathering.

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Lookin’ good. I like the yellow training stripe - a nice bit of color!

She is looking good, Ernie!..good choice to have added the grab irons,… its
an extra detail that really enhances the kit. As they say, better late than never.