Trumpeter 1/16 early panther G interior paint

Hi All
Would AK RCS005 interior colors set be okay to paint the interior of this tank or would i need more colours?
Just bought my first model kit since 1984 , This is a big kit and a lot different to the 1/72 kits i build as a kid.

James, I would not buy that set, as only one color of the four is accurate. Only the RAL 1015 Elfenbein is a German armor interior color. The other 3 are not. For an accurate interior, you also need RAL 3009 Red Oxide (which is a deep red, NOT brown), semi-gloss black, RAL 7009 Graugrun, and some reports state that commo lines and boxes were painted in a light blue, RAL 5012 Lichtblau.

Thank you for your reply , i was asking as i have been given this set , i shall look into the paints you have suggested .


I don’t like Tamiya’s Hull Red (Red Oxide). I had to lighten it up with 25% Flat Red, 25% Flat White.

Out of the bottle their Hull Red just look oppressively dark brown.