Trumpeter 1/16 Jagdtiger barrel

Hello fellow AFV modelers. I’m fixing to begin the journey of building this monster kit. I believe there’s even a book on it (too pricey for me).
But, does ANYONE know of a company or manufacturer who makes metal barrels for this kit? I also have a 1/16 Hobby Boss Tiger I kit which I had to go to a local machine shop for the barrel. Pretty expensive.

I figured someone here might know. I read a post by a guy who’s buddy was a machinist who not only made him the barrel, but also the ammunition right down to the rings and serial numbers! Any help would be appreciated. Aber doesn’t make one and Mato only makes RC versions. Thanks!

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The book is really good but not cheap as you say. I’m hoping to get the kit in the next year or two!

Thanks Pete!

Interesting to see that the book by Sam Dwyer only uses the Trumpeter kit Barrel.

There is no metal-barrel until now, but maybe it comes? I’m building 1/16 too and there is something coming, any new models and also AM-products. There are some good videos on YouTube, building reports and reviews. On this forum too.
Hope you share some pictures too✌️

Thanks Marco. I’ll let you know how mine turns out. I’m sure it won’t be half as good as most of the members here. Good luck. Dan

As long as you are happy with your result, it’s okay✌️

Interesting Peter. I’ve got the 1/16 Trumpeter kit sitting there. I’m waiting for my used copy of Sam Dwyers overpriced book (no offense). I’m sure I’ll find something useful in it.

Pete: i had to have Modellbau from Germany make me one

metal, that is

This book contains interesting interior reverses and… that’s all)