Trumpeter: 1/16 Sd.Kfz. 251 | Armorama™

Trumpeter shares sprue images and markings of its big scale WWII German half track kit.

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How hard would it be to make this R/C?

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The hardest part would probably be concealing the power pack and motor. Suspension and axles are probably plastic so would need to be fabricated in ?aluminum?

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The Trump plastic is not the same as the Das Werk offering, right?

Definately not, the Das Werk has far more intricate construction, See the Trumpy main body is one section, the DW is made up of seperate parts and an engine and all the ancilliaries. Front wheels are seperate from the hubs and the MG42 is made from several parts, plus lots more detail parts
So really it depends on what you want from a kit which to go for I guess. Looks like the Trumpy will be an easier build for someone not into having the hatches open or the floor lifted.
No doubt they both are better in one way than another but for sheer detail the DW is the one for me.
(I probably will buy both though)



Andys look at the pre production build, sprues shots from about half way.


Odd. Fancy releasing a 1/16th Sdkfz251, including the fuel tank, which you can’t see under the floor, separate engine hatches, but no engine? What’s with each track link in three parts? And what are those large rings for on the PE fret? Paint masks for the wheels? Perhaps they are planning another version with full interior?

You do not have to build the fuel tank, or make the hatches open. For many of us though, that is a big part of the fun.

Please don’t rain on this parade!

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I think it’s a good new release. I have pre-ordered both models and I am sure they will fun-builds.
But I also think that the " das werk " model will be the better one. We will see

Whilst I suspect I’ll never buy either, the Trumpy one looks more my skill level (I know my limits :joy:)

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I think as better a kit is, as easier it’s to build. The problems for me start when the building is finished and the painting starts✌

They probably copied the 35th Dragon kit as it also has a hidden gas tank.

How much is this kit?

I have pre-ordered it for €79,95. I have pre-ordered the " das werk " kit too, it’s €99,95

Hey Hohenstaufen,
Did you see above?

They even put in the steering mechanism. Only AFV Club does that in 1/35th.

Maybe the power pack and motor could be concealed in the troop compartment. And there might be metal wheels out there already that could be close. The track is another thing.