Trumpeter 1/35 E50

My 1st new kit in about 10 years. I really wanted this kit when it was 1st released, so I’m glad to finally have it. I’m going to try to find a Voyager detail kit for it, that isn’t $50+. I also need to decide if I’m going to give it an 88mm with muzzle break or without one. I also want to try to get some more stuff it.


well keep us posted as I’ve never seen one built before!

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I’ve build one many years ago

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Very nice. I’ve made maybe twenty what I term paper panzers over the years, the Trumpeter kits are great, as are Amusing Hobby, but for my money the best are ModelCollect. Not for the build quality. I mean, they aren’t bad but they aren’t Dragon or Trumpeter etc. No, for me the sheer outlandish design of many of the tanks, all the way up to the 1/72 P1000 Ratte or the tanks on legs, both 1/35 and 1/72, give a great deal of freedom as to how you paint them and so on. I would certainly recommend them, (since my latest delivery of four more, plus a very nice 1/48 WW2 what if jet bomber, arrived today if I said anything else it would be as weird as their twin gun E-100/E-60).

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I still have Trumpeter’s E-75 in my stash. I might start it this year.

It’s a nice kit, if you want an alternative take on the E-75 ModelCollect have one with a different design. The Trumpeter is the better kit though. With an E-50 and E-75 you need an E-100 to complete the set. Who knows, if I can manage to get myself sorted out I might post a thread about the various What-if… paper panzers I’ve built. Problem is I’m an even worse photographer than I am a modeler :slight_smile:
ps; Takom have their own What-if… tanks, I bought this last month. I’d say that while it won’t have the biggest gun, the overall size could make it even bigger than the E-100 or Maus;


I have build the E-100 and E-10 too, both from Trumpeter.
Just the tank versions, then they started the Anti Aircraft versions, also a E-100 with Rocket/Missile too, but I didn’t buy them.


I don’t remember if I have the E-25 kit or if I build it…it was a long time ago

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Now, that’s the interesting E-100 you have, not based on any official blueprints, etc. as some of the boxier E-100s are. According to what is written on the net, a model maker scratch built his own E-100, what he thought it could have been like, and it seems Trumpeter liked it so much they based this E-100 kit on it. It’s all here;

That said, very nice models. My E-100 in that style has the side skits on so it is interesting to see what it is like without them.

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Nice kit. I really wanted one after playing World of Tanks ten years ago. Too bad they don’t feature the same turret

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Yes, it was Rinaldi’s Trumpeter version.
I took the decals from a King Tiger if I remember correctly.

And the E-10, well I changed the small 50mm gun for a Russian ISU-152 Gun :smile:

This was another “What If”, well I took a Leopard 2A4 and a T-55, swapped turrets.
Sadly I can’t find the photos with the T-55 Hull and Leo’s Turret.
I buid them in 2017, it was quite fun building without restrictions just creativity with Plastic and Paint

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Yes, that’s what I like about the What-if tanks, aircraft, etc. you can add to, take away, chop and change and it makes no difference. For example, on my E-100 I put a hull machine gun since surely if anything had been proven by the Ferdinand Tiger when sent into battle without one it’s that even the biggest tanks can be vulnerable to infantry attack if they don’t have any defensive weapons, yet hardly any of the E-75/E-50 or E-100’s are shown with them. One of my favourites to build was the Amusing Hobby R-1 on Panther 2 chassis. Approaching science fiction really, but maybe that’s what I liked about it;

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How big it is ? Do you have any photos of the build ?
That has to be huge.

It does rather tower over most of the others, especially with the missile aimed more than 90 degrees, as it would be in transit mode. Weirdly, you can also get the R-1 system on a stationary launcher, (most parts are included with the other kit too) and I had terrible trouble getting that but managed to find one this week that wasn’t very highly priced. okay, shall dig out the camera later and take a few snaps but be gentle, I’m not in any way professional standard when it comes to my models, 9or my photography).

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Don’t worry I’m horrible at both… Photography and Model Building :smile:

Having seen your photos of your models I don’t agree :slight_smile:

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Was having trouble uploading photos so I started a new thread. As UI said, the photos aren’t great, certainly hasn’t made the models look even as good as they are. Ah well, never mind.