Trumpeter 1/35 Scale Dampflokomotive BR86 missing part

D27. I glued mine to the bench, lol. Does any one have this piece?


Something tells me that most folks who might have built this kit probably didn’t omit this piece and have it laying around in their spare parts box. Not having built this one myself and looking only at the images of the sprues, this appears to be a small part, and there are at least two of them? Short of trying to obtain a replacement sprue, your best hope is probably scratch-building a replacement. If it is the part I think it is, (sorry, but I can’t see the part numbers on the sprue photos), casting a replacement, (assuming there is a duplicate, as there are 2 “D” sprues), may also be an option.

No photos posted? Cannot view any. Do not know what part you are referring too.
Am I supposed to go search the internet for the sprue photos on this model to find out what part D27 might be???

I already did that, to little avail. Couldn’t find it in the instructions either, although I think some pages were missing.

If it is glued to your workbench you should be able to take a photo.