Trumpeter 1/35 STRV-103C

I wasnt planning on doing a blog for this one but what the heck.

So I was looking at this kit on my shelf the past few days and after looking in the box and seeing that its pretty much a Tamiya style build (good detail, easy construction) I started it. It took a good 6-7 hours to build but if you put on a good podcast it passes quick.

So I built it OOB with only some added antislip.
(Sorry for the bad pic I took it in a rush not knowing if I wanted to do a thread on it or not)

Then I sprayed it with a custom mix of NATO green. Im very happy with how the color modulation looks.

Then today I sprayed the highlights with a even brighter green. (The modulation seems gone but its still there) It looks super bright in the pics but a wash and filter will deal with this.
I also airbrushed the tracks carefully with Vallejo dark rust and hand painted the rubber on the road wheels and tracks. (The modulation looks gone but its still there)

Next is masking off and spraying the black splinter camo on the gun barrel


Looks outstanding Ezra!

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Definitely a fantastic looking S-tank!

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That sentence starts off as 100% true but goes equally wrong in the parentheses.


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I have one on the shelf myself. This kit is a good argument for buying aftermarket soon after buying a kit. This is an older kit and most of the aftermarket for this kit has died off. I used some Leopard 2 track because the 103 c track hasn’t been on the market in quite sometime.

Congrats Ezra, the model looks great already! I am looking for the update after the black camo applied.

I built the B version from Trumpeter some years ago, also added a/m photo etch (cannot remember which brand) and using that the details are much nicer. It would be the shame if those a/m pe stuff would not be available in the future because the STRV-103 family kits are very cheap and interesting subject.

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I have amazing news: the website still has two p/e sets for the Trumpeter kits. Might be costly if no local importeur, but worth. I looked at the pdf assembly instructions on the website and identified the 35538 item used on my kit. That was my second ever p/e addition and loved the works and the result.
I would definitely buy it again.

Ps. I also used metal barrel but no result on google…

The color on that is really good . Nice transitions but not overdone

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Thanks guys!

Wow its really been a while…

So I was cleaning out the shelf of doom and I found this model again! I had completely forgotten about it.

What I never took a pic of is I sprayed the barrel with the black camo and that was it.

So here it is now with a newly applied wash, chipping, and starting the dust, mud and streaking. I also added a few scratch details including the muzzle cover.
As well as the biggest change… COMPLETELY RIPPING OFF THE SUSPENSION. I figured it was too boring before so I sliced off the swing arms and wheels and repositioned them as needed. It was really easy and took like an hour.


Nicely done. The squat gives it animation.

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Lowering the front end gives it a unique and interesting stance. Nice weathering as well. :+1: :+1:

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Now you will have to display it on a diorama where it is sitting on the bank of a stream just below the top edge and the TC laying at the top of the bank with some binoculars.


Calling this one done!

After painting the periscopes and adding the final mud effects I highlighted the mg with a pencil and took these finished pics.

Whatcha think?


Great, like a cat getting ready to jump…

VERY dynamic, the details are excellent, and the mud looks fantastic!