Trumpeter 1/700 Warspite

This is Trumpeter 1/700 Warspite with a ton of upgrades!

(image is clickable for larger view)


Amazing work, still astounds me that you guys can work on such a small scale, besides my sausage fingers my eyes just dont have the stamina!!

Thanks for sharing.


As Dave says. absolutely amazing work, hardly believable it’s 1/700!
Great job!


That looks great. When and how do you mask that for putting on the camo?

I masked for the turret tops, but everything else was eyeballed for freehand.

Did you hand paint it all?

I airbrushed overall the light gray, then hand painted the dark gray. Except for the turret tops; they’re too difficult to paint the tops uniformly and neatly. I masked for those.

Absolutely amazing!
Especially that it’s hand-painted is really stunning,



Looks outstanding! A++

Missed this one back in October.

Better late than never! :grin: Thanks.

Awesome job on the Warspite, Leo. It really looks great. I appear to have missed this one, too.


Thanks! Every now and then I manage to pull off a good model…and it was one of Trumpeter’s better releases. Here’s a couple more views:



Really clean job on this one, it looks like a 1/350 scale ship at first inspection. Those water effects behind the seaplane are something else! Thanks for sharing some more views with us :+1:


Excellent photos too!

Yeah…my personal favorites are the ones with the blue background. Looks like early morning, or evening.

Leo, your Warspite is some SUPER work! I assumed it was 1/350… at 1/700 it is even more awesome. I especially appreciate the clean-but-dirty-enough-to-be-an-operating-ship look - difficult to pull off! Warspite looks well used but ready to take on all comers. Well done indeed!
:grin: :+1:t3:

Many thanks!

It is really delicate and elegant.
Nice, the wooden deck style.