Trumpeter ASLAV

Pretty much OOB. Toughest part of the kit was getting all the PE brass loops on the side of the hull and the top of the hull on straight. Liked the unusual colors on the camo and the red kangaroo typical of Australian vehicles.

Thanks for looking.


Very nice finish on the LAV DV, … Colour scheme is really nice as well… After that Stryker ESV I did, the more I see of them and the LAVs makes me want to start the LAV III I have…must remain focused on current projects…:grin:

Outstanding result!
The rendition of the camouflage scheme is spot on,
and made even batter with the realistic weathering treatment.


Thanks guys. I just eyeballed the colors to get reasonably close.

Just love everything in this model

Excellent job DV. Great finish and weathering

Great model and I especially like your subtle weathering techniques. Really an outstanding overall effect.

Great looking piece there, really finely observed details and realistic weathering that still lets the details stand out.

@SSGToms @metalhead85 @Goalkeeper Thanks gents. My weathering is usually restrained as I don’t like to distract too much from the lines of the model.

Very nice!

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Everything about this build would make anyone proud to have it on their shelf

I agree 100% Chris

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I likes it very much!!! I have the same kit in stock your build rised my interrest for a future build.
Thanks for posting it.

Nice work. The finish is weathered just right.

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Great build and great finish.