Trumpeter: Big Scale Jagdpanther and More | Armorama™

Trumpeter opens March with a 1/16 scale Jagdpanther. Scheduled as well is the Soviet Object 268 and the Topol-M ICBM in 1/72 and 1/35 scales respectively.

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Ive been very excited about the Topol-M in 1:35 since I heard Trumpeter were going to release it way back in 2020.

Outside of the big railway guns I believe this is the largest 1:35 armour kit ever made, will be getting on for two feet long and should easily surpass 2,000 parts. I’d be surprised if it retails for less than US$250 either. I sure hope that missile is slide molded!

As a big fan of Russian military kit in 1;35 this is an absolute must have. Cant wait!

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…aaannnd Trumpeter continue their obsession with big, dumb things that I want.

I WAS thinking the other day: “You know, I think I’ll finally buy that scud launcher…”

I’ll wait.

Of course, if they announce a 1:200 HMS dreadnought, there will be words.

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I have an idea that I could build the Topol-M up and put it on the desk in my office. Quite the conversations starter, no?

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Love your Bushnell’s Turtle btw mate. So cool…