Trumpeter BMP 1

One of Trumpeter’s earlier cold war efforts OOB except for the tracks. I had intended to use the kit tracks as most would be hidden by the side skirts. For whatever reason I could not get the kit tracks to stay together so I had to spring for a set of Fruils. What a nightmare. Not a single link was drilled out so the kit went on the shelf for a spell. After a couple of months I eventually got around to drilling them out(breaking not a few bits in the process). Admittedly not one of my best efforts but I do like the color scheme and that long ass 30mm gun.


Very nice bit of infantry armour … Lovely finish and weathering :+1:

great job, amazing result

Lol, 99% of the modelers on this site would kill for a finish like that DV! It looks excellent as usual.

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Very nice finish. However this is not a BMP-2 but a BMP-1 with a BTR-80A turret.


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Well spotted Olivier… Now an ex AFV recognition instructor hides his head in shame … :see_no_evil: … I can’t remember how many got revamped like this though…
Still, it’s a cracking kit and looks superb :+1:

Don’t feel bad Johnny, it’s easy to tell your own tanks from the baddies when they have an exhaust plume like a coal fired battleship :rofl:

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Haha … You very funny man …:joy::grin:

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Thanks for the correction Oliver.

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Actually it is a -1:

Excellent model DV - love the camo - nice tracks!

Great job, I like the painting and weathering a lot. Congrats!

Very nicely finished I must say- the camo and weathering are spot-on.