Trumpeter BMP-1P

Hi again, here’s another one that I started last year, I’m struggling with the kit’s tracks for months, anyway, here’s my work so far.


I will say that the tracks can be overcome. Best to paint them off the model, then potentially assemble them (sometimes the paint adds just enough thickness to help them stay together more reliably. However, the kit tracks do tend to still be fragile, so handle as little as possible.

Here is a pic of my BRM-1 conversion from SP Designs. I have used the kit tracks on this and I used no glue, they are still moveable. However, I am very careful moving this model around knowing the tracks are relatively fragile staying together. I hope this gives you inspiration to finish them, it can be done.


If the issue is the links not staying together , consider treating them like old style link and length tracks. Assemble and cement all the flat runs first then connect them with the curved sections around the drive sprocket & idler which can be formed separately around those wheels and allowed to set up. Leave these as sub assemblies until after paint or cement all the sections together leaving one end open to allow you to get it around the suspension, leaving the drive sprocket off until then may help as well.


Excellent model Jacques. What does the BRM -1 function as? Looks like a mini radar on the turret rear.

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The BRM-1K is a late Cold War era reconnaissance vehicle of Soviet origin. It was developed to support armored and mechanized formations employed by Soviet forces. The BRM-1K was to scout routes and detect enemy formations. During development in the early 1970’s a regular BRM-1 was envisaged with a limited equipment set, with the BRM-1K serving as command vehicle and having an advance equipment suite including radar. Only the BRM-1K reached serial production. The role of a less advanced vehicle with scout sections was filled by the regular BMP-1.”



It looks great your BRM-1 Jacques !
I was considering some AM tracks for my next BMP-1.
But I will try the kit’s tracks on this one. It’s almost finished…

How was the conversion ?

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Fun fact: The enlarged turret of the BRM-1K was what led to the BMP-2 turret.

The conversion was great. Actually better than I thought AND with the option of the surveillance radar up or stowed. There is the usual work with putty et all, but overall it was a fun build.

Word of warning to anyone building a Trumpeter BMP kit: the roadwheels only go on ONCE! They will break the roadwheel arms if you try to take them off. Ask em how I know… rolleyes


I tried to remove the wheels but I noticed that the plastic would break…so I left them as they were… I’m glad I didn’t force them.