Trumpeter Challenger II

I picked up a Trumpeter Challenger II for a Ukrainian build and got a couple of questions
as im not overly happy with the trumpeter upper hull with the tamiya Challenger hull fit
second question is is there a difference between the the upper hull on the Chally 1 and Chally II
as there is a tamiya chally 1 hull on ebay


I think I found the hull piece you’re looking at…

In comparisson to the Cr2 upper hull…

(from Ryefield’s kit)

i see that

Here’s another picture I found on the web that shows the upper hull on the Tamiya Cr2. Hope this helps out.

Hopefuly, our resident British Armour experts will jump in and help further with the particular design differences between the Cr1 and Cr2, like @Johnnych01

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It does

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I seen pics and i very short video of a Ukrainian Chally II with some sort of spaced armor on the lower front hun is it slat or a solid array

I think it’s spaced armor, but don’t quote me directly.

Nick, long story short ------ the hulls are totally different.

Apart from the tracks/suspension/road wheels and Sprockets being totally new, the redesigned hull had I think between 140 and 160 minor to major modifications, internally and external.

To a layman giving it a quick glance, they do indeed look almost identical, but they are not.

Some of the obvious differences are:
Lower front hull:
New tow bollards and mounting plates, Dozer hydro junction, tie down loops.
Upper front:
new dvrs splash plate, new headlight location, new extinguisher mounting points, new side light mounts, new designed area in front of driver, redesigned drivers cab entry area and hatch, new process and design in manufacture and assembly of the area to the rear and both sides of driver.

Hull sides:
New mounting points for recovery ropes and mounting points for normal side skirts and also new additional armour mounting points.

Engine decks:
Very similar but tweaked and slightly revamped all over. x2 dvrs tool boxes.

Rear sloped hull:
Again very similar but tweaked and revamped all over.

Edit. Ref that frontal armour, in the clip I saw of it racing towards you, it just looked like they had badly bolted/welded/connected a piece of shaped plate across the lower front hull, which had worked loose on the one side ? I think someone mentioned they now have some cope cages fitted and side slated sections, but not seen that yet ?