Trumpeter E-25

As much as it frustrates me when I see yet another model kit of a pretend panzer at the expense if a nice injection molded A11 Matilda 1, sometimes they are just too sexy to pass up.

Stole some night vision equipment from a late model King Tiger (takom?) and designed and 3D printed some binocular sight bulge thingies. Marking are hand painted. Still need to paint the tools and a few details. A fun little kit that comes with it’s own indi link track. There was an optional wee turret for a self defense weapon Which I though looked odd, so I didn’t use it.


you’ve done a cracking job on that kit, is it 1/35 scale?

Yes. Yes it is. Kit even comes with a bit of etch for screens and fenders and wotnot. I left off the side skirts because I liked the look with it’s butt slightly up in the air and the skirts would hide the line of the tracks.

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