Trumpeter H34 1/48 Scale

I haven’t built a helo in almost 34 years, so when a close friend asked me to build this for his dad, a Nam Vet, USMC, for the upcoming Marine Corps anniversary in November, I said, “Youbetcha!”. He’s got a shadow box with all the trimmings for the presentation and this H34 will top it off.

After watching a few vids on aircraft weathering I figured it was time to give it a whirl. I used Mig’s acrylics for the entire build and Raw Umber oils for the pin wash. I printed the HMM-263 unit designation on decal paper, first time for that, and did some minor highlights with Titanium White oils feathered in very lightly on panel sections.

This was the quickest build I’ve ever done (3 weeks) and I wasn’t shooting for complete accuracy, just get er done. This was a fun build and it got me into the model bunker months ahead of schedule, yehaaa!

All comments welcome. Cheers, Ski.


Looks great. My understanding is 263 tail code is EG not 63. Also the gun with shield, I know it’s an option but I think that was more a French thing. Marines where usually door mounted 60 to make ingress and egress easier. Disregard if your working off a photo.

Very nice work . Is the Trumpy kit a rerelease of the Gallery kit ?
Cheers- RT

Great work Ski! I already wondered if you were still amongst us, as I didn’t see any post of you recently. How are the para’s doing?

It came out very nice. Good job on it.

Yes, a repop of the Gallery kit.

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Ya Tank, reissue was scrubbed by admin, not sure why, but it is a reissue. Trust me, many things could have been improved, but overall, it wasn’t a troublesome build.

As for the EG tail designation, I’m sure you are correct. My friend and I couldn’t find much on the unit because there really isn’t much to find. I sure wish I knew this before, I’m a stickler for detail. Thanks for the intel, greatly appreciated.

Hey Bro, I’m still alive and kickin and the Paras are back on the bench. I’ll probably be working them this next week. Summer time is always a no-go for bunker time, but right now it’s winter prep crunch time, lol.

I’ll be posting again mue pronto. thanks again Bro, Ski.

RDT, HeavyA, thanks for the compliments, guys! Now that I have the paintin finger blood flowin, I’m gonna keep it flowin, lol.

Cheers, Ski.

A very pleasing finish indeed. A single colour scheme is always difficult to make interesting looking, and you have certainly nailed that. If you can remember, I for one would love to know the colours you used?

Thanks for sharing, Jim.

Howdy Jim,

Thanks for the kind words. I did forget to post the colors, sorry bout that. Here they are;

Base color; AK4212 Olive Drab no22, mid-level highlight; Mig Resedagrun MIG-004 (RAL 6011 B), fading colors; Master Series MS-Worn Olive, and MS-Faded Khaki for final highlight.

Windsor Newton Raw Umber was used for pin washes and definition, the Titanium White feathered in higher panels for final highlight.

Hope that helps Jim. Cheers, Ski.

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No problem. Looking around 263 didn’t have the 34 long in country. They where mostly 46 from what I saw.

Have seen numbers similar but that was for birds on float. I think 263 was land based at Marble Mtn.

Did find these, not much modeling help but related to 263.

Sorry, I took that out as I didn’t understand what you were saying in the title. Now I understand you meant it was a rebox of the Gallery kit. I can put it back or leave as is, your choice.

No worries, I figured the lower-case lettering was why you may have thought that. T’sall good, thanks HeavyArty!

Thanks Tank. Got the same intel from my friend and like you said, Marble mtn, but not many pics available. A lot to dig through if I had the time before the build, ships out Monday.

His dad was wounded, sent back home before his time was up, so he didn’t have a lot of info either. I understand there were a lot of units that popped up and disappeared without much info, sad IMHO.

I’m rather fond of the Nam era, but the Huey is my favorite egg beater. Worked the UH-1N’s in Panama back in the mid 80’s. Gotta love them hogs, lol.