Trumpeter IS-2 Model 1943

Trumpeter 1:35 Soviet IS-2 Heavy Tank 05588

What are the pros and cons of this model?

It looks like the barrel is too thin and the lower edges of the turret sides are the wrong shape.

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I’ve read one build comment on Trumpeter’s JS-2’s assembly. That said it’s a simple and quite fast model to complete.


The individual link tracks look like the most time consuming part of build based on the instructions. Part B20, could probably be replaced with a clear lens for an improvement. I’m guessing B20 isn’t molded clear from the instructions as I don’t have the kit. Likewise, a set of Eureka tow cables are likely better than the brass wire in the kit.

A set of workable white metal tracks from Sector35, Fruilmodel or similar might be a nice addition. Some folks like to install tracks after model is painted etc.


I have the kit, and while it’s better than the old DML kits, it can still use a few improvements. You’re right about the barrel, it is too thin. I chose to replace mine with the excellent Aber barrel, but there are several options available. The tracks represent the 700mm type used on the KV series tanks. The IS tracks were 650mm, so you need to replace the kit tracks. The road wheels are close to the right diameter, but are a post World War II pattern. I replaced the wheels with the Miniarm set, which are the correct diameter and pattern. As far as the turret goes, I agree it could use a little work on the casting seam around the bottom. But other that that it’s still pretty good. Also it’s not really a Model 43 since this particular variant didn’t enter service until early 1944. Hope this helps!
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Thank you very much.

True, the plastic part that is painted to look like glass does not look like glass.

At least aftermarket tracks are easier to assemble. :slight_smile:

Maybe Eureka offers better details on the tow caples.

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Thanks for the answer

It is strange that the Chinese manufacturer has not studied the details of the IS-2 Tank Model 1943 better.

Problem areas

-Lamp glasses

-Tow cables




-The shape of the turret

One could almost say that the model contains far too many problems.

Is the Aber Barrel the right size?

Which Friulmodel tracks is the best choice for this tank?

Is the A-Resin early IS-2 turret better than the Trumpeter IS-2 turret?



The turret from the kit is very incorrect in detail. It has a completely incorrect commander’s cupola.
The A-Rezin turret is definitely better. It is accurate in size and detail. This turret fits the Dec 43 - Feb 44 production period model exactly.
On the Trumpeter model, you need to change the rollers (they are post-war, with a hub cover with 10 bolts), support rollers (they are late, from the summer’44).

There will still be a significant number of inaccuracies in small nuances, but few people are interested in them in our time.


Hi Holger!

If it’s not too much trouble, could you please tell us what some of these ‘small inaccuracies’ are? I am aware of the major problems that perseman listed above (like he said, there are a lot!) and have stocked up on the aftermarket items to correct them, but any other information would sure help. Thanks!


On tanks produced before the summer of 1944, rollers with a small hub were installed.
Such -

Later the hub was made a little thicker (and the shape was simplified) -

Also, at first there were these limiters for the movement of the suspension arms -

Subsequently, they were also strengthened, slightly thicker on the sides -

Until about March 1944 there was only one eyelet on the engine compartment lid -

Also, until March 44, there should be no round hatch on the left side, and no front, reinforced suspension arm.
Tanks produced before January 44 should have three bolts in the top row, on the inclined rear plate.
The turret produced in December 43-March 44 had a characteristic shape under the commander’s cupola (A-Rezin reproduces everything exactly) -

Also, originally 4 bolts on the gun flange were not covered with caps (see photo above).

These turrets (at least some) had a front roof sheet with a slope of 5 degrees. Subsequently, the inclination was reduced to 3 degrees.
The signal button for communication between the landing force and the crew was originally located on the left side -

It was moved to the rear of the tank on March 10, 1944.

The sloth tensioner was initially installed in a different position -


Holger, thanks a lot! That’s some useful information for backdating those details. Except for the change in the shape/size of the road wheel hubs and the absence of the ammo-loading hatch on the early tanks, I was unaware of these. :+1:

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Thank you Holger and canismalus!

Now we know that Trumpet’s IS-2 Model 1943 has even more problems. :slight_smile:

Here’s one more:

The early IS-2 model did not have lightening holes in the return rollers.

Dragon and Trumpeter IS-2 Model 1943 models have lightening holes in the return rollers.


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The early IS-2 model did not have lightening holes in the return rollers.

There should also be other handrails on the turret; spare tracks were originally attached to the stern…

This model of the Trumpeter is only in general terms similar to the IS-2 of earlier releases.