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Trumpeter's October release announcement was for an early production Tiger II, specifically Fgst.Nr.280009. This however is not the case now, as what has rolled out is a late production Tiger I.

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I don’t know if we’re seeing the final release, but it has these problems;

  • One of the two sprocket wheels in this demo has an “early” type hub. Probably it’s an option that you can simply ignore.
  • The chin of the turret has a curved stepped profile that existed only on “early” Tigers. Very difficult to fix.
  • The rear mudflaps are “early” type (cross shaped holes).
  • The rear mudflaps are “mirrors” of each other, the real ones were not.
  • I’m not sure if this is a problem, but the model looks to me as if it’s sitting low on its wheels.
  • The internal cradle of the gun (in the final photo) is supposed to have open slots. This model has depressions in it but they don’t go through. The result of using a diagram without a reference photo.
  • The loader’s hatch is surrounded by bolt holes on the lower surface of the roof. These existed in the 25mm roof with its removable hatch frame, but not in this simplified “Late” roof.

This is not an exhaustive list.



Hi David,
I love that you know these details.
Makes it easier to try and correct or get the AM guys to make updates for.
Obviosly it would be better if Trumpy did their homework a little better in the first place…but that must be a challenge for them its not like there is a single point of reference for them to look at regarding Tiger details :rofl: :rofl:


It is almost as if they want to make an earlier version of the Tiger

Do people actually lose sleep if the kit is not 100% dead on accurate…? LOL…! Does it really matter…? Just askin… :wink:


Yes, for some people it does matter. Part of the fun is research and building an accurate model. And this view is completely acceptable as any other.

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Especially if one was interested in showing the evolution of the Tiger through the various design changes over its production life. You want to start with the most accurate base possible.

And no one is asking for 100% dead on accuracy; just that they get easily checked items correct since there are plenty of references available now.


Mr. Dok, nobody said they are “losing sleep”.
Did you come here to discuss the kit, or did you come to point and laugh at people different to yourself?



If they are paying into the triple digits, I expect they DO want accuracy…


As I usually try to do with Tiger kits, I’ve started to list the problems I can see in Trumpeter’s 1/16 Tiger and to suggest fixes.
I’m sorry to say that this kit has many things wrong with it, as regards accuracy. I’ll be adding to that list for some time.