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Slated for next month's release are US modern and German WWII-era vehicle subjects in 1/35 scale.

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At a closer look at the front suspension, the artist made a mistake and drawn the air-ride suspension of the HEMTT A4 model.

Good catch. Maybe it is a hint at what may be coming. One can only hope.

I like the truck with the 5cm on it.

Definitely something I’ll pick up, I really like German half tracks and trucks with big flak guns on them

Your word in the Lords ear! A good A4 HEMTT family is REALLY needed. I don´t like the idea of spending 100 bucks for the engine compartment alone. But maybe the artist don´t know the difference between A2 and A4 HEMTT´s. I will see in April when the kit will arrive here.

Maybe we’ll get a PLS at some point in the future. I can only hope.

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Well, at least I had a chance to show my Hobby Fan wrecker conversion at IPMS Nationals this year. Looking forward to see what Trumpeter will produce. That is, after the two new M114 APCs are built… Hello Santa Claus…

I’m still waiting of the 3 FAMO variants Trumpeter expressed they were doing. :unamused:

I hope we do indeed see it next year. I’ll be picking one up. “If you make a HEMTT, I will buy.”