Trumpeter: Kits for July Release | Armorama™

Two modern era kits are slated for release next month.

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I could definitely be talked into both of these.

As Trumpeter have done a 1/35 SADF Rooikat, I wish that they do 1/35 kits of the SADF Ratel IFV’s (all variants), the SADF Buffel APC ( grandfather of the modern MRAP) and the SADF Caspir APC.

Takom have done the 1/35 SADF Rhino G6 mobile artillery unit. How about a 1/35 G5 towed arty unit, Valkyrie and Bateleur wheeled rocket launchers.

Come on Trumpeter or Takom!!:pray:


Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Going to have to add the S1 to my wish list.

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Hmm, hope they release the earlier 2S6, as well, especially now that the alternative is OOP (since Panda went bust).

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Nice additions to the 1/35 & 1/72 scale worlds.

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I built the Panda kit a few years back. One of the most difficult kits I’ve ever put together. A veritable piece of shlt.


I’ve read that it’s overengineered like their BMD-1/2 kits, but didn’t realize it’s that bad.

An additional reason for trumpeter to backdate the announced kit, then (plus, hope they release their own BMD-1/2s after they already did the BMD-3/4/4M).

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I had been hoping for a plastic Caspir/Warwolf for years.