Trumpeter M4 C2V - How good is it?

One of favorite online shops has 25 percent discount on Trumpeter kits this weekend. So I ordered the M4 C2V kit for 45 Euros. Question: How good is it and are there any references, walkarounds etc. out on the net?

It is based on their excellent M270 MLRS chassis, so it should be just as good. There are not a lot of references out there on it. There were only about 25 built and 15 used operationally in OIF 1. All but a few museum pieces have been converted back to M270s since the US military did not buy them.

This old thread has some pics.

Just a few unsorted OIF pics :



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The only survivor is at Ft. Stewart’s division HQ-not sure if there is a walk around of it.

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Interior views :


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Hey, Hey, “magic” Frenchy strikes again! There are some pics that I didn`t have on my HD. Thanks!
At least I have plenty of options regarding antenna configurations.

You’re welcome H.H.
From :
The Army ordered 25 C2Vs in 1997 from prime contractor United Defense, LP. However, after this initial order was produced, the Army cancelled the program as part of its shift to the Stryker wheeled Light Armored Vehicle system in 1999. United Defense placed the C2Vs in storage for possible foreign military sales. In 2002, in preparation for ground combat operations in Iraq, 15 of the C2Vs were fielded to Army units slated to fight, with the remainder designated for spare parts. V Corps headquarters received three vehicles, as did the 3d Infantry Division and 1st Armored Division. The 1st Cavalry Division received four and the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment two systems. The systems were upgraded with a suite of the new Army Battle Command System (ABCS) hardware and software."

Here are some of them :


Thanks again H.P. Just one more question. The base vehicle M987 was used for some other variants, namely tank ammo support vehicle, repair vehicle and the Armored Medical Treatment Vehicle. I have pics that show the AMTV displayed in a garrison like the M4. Is there any chance to find more of it? With a superstructure similar to M4, it could make an interesting conversion.

One of the three AMTV prototypes built in the 90’s is on display at the Army Medical Department Museum, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

But I haven’t found any other pics of that one yet…


Better than nothing,:wink:
Here some materials from my paper collection.

Are there any pics of the vehicle in service with the other units mentioned?

Here’s a pair pictured in Germany ( V Corps headquarters ?)

from this Flickr album where you’ll find a few more detail views and tons of commo Humvees pics as well :wink:


Thanks much-I imagine that many were not painted in NATO colors.

Hi H.P., that saves my week! C2V in Germany with different antenna configurations. I only saw same pics of a NATOflaged track in Grafenwöhr.

I work at Ft. Sam. I know exactly where the AMTV is parked. I will try to swing by a grab some phone shots.

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That would be great. TIA for your efforts.

Here are 3 shots of the AMTV. Apologies for the angles- it was late afternoon so sun was at a bad angle.

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1 more

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Nice pics-thanks much

Finally bought the kit and started building. It´s hassle-free and quite good compared with my references. I only change the machine gun for a better one from an Abrams kit.