Trumpeter M872 trailer wheel/tire problem

Hi All, I’m having a helluva time getting the trailer’s inner tires onto the rims. I’ve tried running a tool like a miniature tire iron around them, but if I get one side in - the other side pops out.

Outers were easy as they have locating strips. Not the inside though. Second try at these, when I built the M915 and trailer, I had just the same problem. The tire sidewalls need to fit inside the inner wheel rim “extensions”, right?

Any suggestions?

Yes, they are tight and want to pop off the other side as you slide on one side. Go slow and hold pressure on the side you are not manipulating. They will eventually slide one.

Thanks Gino, found a way to secure the one side while easing the other side in. Worked great and they’ll soon be on my M1062.

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