Trumpeter M983 HEMTT European colours help please

Am I right in assuming that the camo is the standard NATO Green/Brown/Black?
I have seen elsewhere mentioned that the cab interior is a colour called Forest Green, is that correct?
Finally Prime Portals M983 picture gallery is banjaxed so if anyone has any picures please could you post them?
I have the Tankograd book but one area I need a close up of is the airlines at the rear of the tractor.
Thank you in advance.

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Will be tagging along for this one. That was a great deal you got it for…well done :+1:

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Thanks John.
Its so big I will need to re-organise some display space.

Yes, standard color is NATO camo as you listed. The interior is the same color as the green in NATO camo.

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Thank you very much.

I have built the Trumpeter M983 a few times, as the base for different versions (M985 & M1074, upcoming M978). It is a great kit and goes together well. Lots of great details on it. I haven’t built the Trumpeter PATRIOT yet, but it looks just as good and as detailed as the HEMTT.

@Johnnych01 or anyone who has used AK RC paints.
In your opinion are the NATO Black/Green/Brown good starting points for the NATO camo scheme for my HEMTT build please?

Ref the AK paints, I would say yes for a good starting point for the HEMTT build and the NATO set. It’s tricky as it sometimes looks like each country each has a very slightly different tone when you see them in the real world, but as a starting point and then weathered, faded etc they should be fine …
Matt at @SSGToms uses a lot of AK and may have some good input into for colour variations ??

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@Catsrcool I have worked and lived in the 1:1 versions and used Tamiya, Vallejo, and AK RC paints and can highly recommend the AK RC paints for accuracy and ease of use.


Thank you for response.
Sorry to be cheeky but have you got a picture of the red and blue airline connection between the Tractor and the trailer Prime Portal has on but the link is broken.
Trumpeter just give you the “pole” the airlines eminate from and there is no relevant picture in the Tankograd book I have neither.

Part C26 is all Trumpeter give you in the box.

Have you looked at @Bison126 photos?

Thanks for the reply/link.
I am using my phone ATM and will have a proper look when I get home.

From Primeportal again, but these should be OK :wink:


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The hoses come up from the bottom of either side of the pole to the top. There are small clips along the length that attach them to the pole. Just above the larger part of the pole are two small round parts on either side that are the attachment points where the gladhands connect for storage.

On an M983A4, but the A2 is the same

You can see where I added the two gladhand storage points on the similar part on my M920 build. They are just a couple pieces of styrene rod, sliced and glued onto the sides of the pole.



Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the pictures but I am really going to show my ignorance here but is that how it would look IF the tractor was attached to the Patriot launcher trailer?
In your picture the pipes AND the trailer are not connected because the fifth wheel is visible and the kingpin is not engaged with the tractor?
To clarify I have not got the room to display the finished model in anything but transport mode so the tractor and the trailer would have to be connected.

Thank you.

If connected to the trailer, the hoses are still attached to the pipe and the two round stowage points are still there, but not used. The hoses will go from the top of the pipe back to the connections on the front of the trailer.

You can see them connected here.


Thanks any the info.
The tractor and trailer (patriot launcher) are going to be connected.
I would love to have the tractor and trailer seperate with the launcher ready to go but space and wife constraints preclude even considering it.

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Man, they just kill anything cool. It’s not fair.