Trumpeter M984

Hi. I noticed with the Trumpeter HEMTT versions that there are different types of position lights. Whereby the headlights of the cab is the old elongated variant. Have any of you tried to replace them or have a tip for removing them carefully from the kit part

Thank you!

Use a sharp chisel of appropriate size or very carefully use the lips above and below as lever points and use a sharp Number 15 Scalpel Blade to scrape the old lights out of the channel.
Here is one I prepared earlier with resin Marker Lights…

Mike also does the later version of the Marker Lights in 3D Printed resin and mighty fine they are too!..

Hope this helps?
Richard Howden.

Hello Richard. Thank you, I’ll give it a try. Mike’s marker lights have been ordered, I hope he can send them out soon.


I believe your order is one of the next to be shipped out, actually.

Hi Mike.

Sounds very good, thank you!


I discovered a new problem. In the original M984, the rims are all the same shape, right? The kit only includes the rims from the previous M983, M1120 kits. Is there one AM set for the M984 or can I convert the front rims to use them on the rear axis. I have enough leftovers.
I’m grateful for every tip.


well spotted. A detail I missed until now!!
A quick search on Ebay showed no sets with all the same type of wheel.
My thoughts are turning towards making a mold of the front rims and casting them up for the back. Some modification will be necessary and the kit tyres would be a loose fit due to resin shrinkage but a do-able solution to the problem I believe.
If you have the front rims going spare you just need to modify them to fit but take note that the centre hubs are very slightly different front and back! The rear ones are ribbed, but then you can take detailing too far :wink: :wink:

Thank you Richard.
I’ll try something from my remaining parts. Both types of rims are available to get the right ones. Right now I feel like it’s more like open heart surgery, but I’ll try.
I would still be interested to know why the M984 has different rims at the back. But that would just be nice to know.



I made a quick first attempt to replicate the rear rim of the M984.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome.


I noticed another error in the instructions.

The brake cylinders of the last axle do not point up but down, so I swapped the two.

And one more thing missing from the instructions, the front lead of the self-recovery winch.