Trumpeter, Meng or Zvezda Pantsir S-1?

Happy holidays and a great new year (in advance) to everyone!

I’m looking at getting a Pantsir S-1 kit. It seems that there are three kits out there: Trumpeter, Meng and Zvezda. Which is the best of the three? I have no experience with Zvezda kits; but am open trying them out if their product is really worth the money.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

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There’s also Tiger models. However Zvezda’s kits lately are really good.

All models are Pantsir but not the same version. If you intend to depict a specific version this will narrow your choice. Otherwise I advise you build the Zvezda offering. The quality is excellent detail wise. The fit is usually good with their recent models (from my own experience). Zvezda used to give some options during the assembly like open hatches but don’t expect moveable parts. Their models are definitely display models.
The most annoying are the poor painting instructions. Zvezda generally don’t give a full set of views to paint the camo schemes and the Pantsir is no exception if you want the winter/artic camo.
Price wise Zvezda can’t be challenged.


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I have the Meng kit and it looks great in the box…

I am about to start on the Zvezda kit. For the price it is very good. I might try to find resin tires to replace the rubber ones since I am not a big fan of rubber fittings on plastic models, plus that in the past Zvezda rubber parts reacted with the plastic and melted it (I have not noticed something similar with modern day Zvezda rubber parts).

The kit plastic is a bit on the soft side and easy to sand, file, remove material. A good wash is advised for the sprues. Parts quality and detail is great, so is ease of assembly.

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I have started the Meng kit - I chose it because you can make several versions out of the box. They also have replacement resin wheels available. It seems like a good kit so far. Downside is there is no interior compartment for the missileers.

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hi. I have three models of Pantsir C1-from Meng, Zvezda and Tiger. In my opinion, the best one is from Meng. It allows you to create 4 different modifications - from pre-production to the most modern in the Russian army. The model is accurate and when compared with photos does not cause complaints. Tiger - allows you to build an export modification. The Zvezda gives an early serial version of the Russian troops. Trumpeter in the early model gives a variant similar to the Zvezda, but with errors. The later version is a non-serial demonstration sample with a dummy radar. each model has disadvantages and advantages. Meng is accurate and there are many options, but the wrong inscriptions on the wheels. Tiger-accurate, correct markings on the wheels, but a rare modification. Zvezda - very good detailing and precision of the chassis, some simplification of the complex, wrong wheels, requires additions in the form of photo etching. Trumpeter-an early version - is not bad in detail, the only one who has the interior of the combat compartment and it even looks like the original:) the biggest drawback is the wheels. A late version from Trumpeter is a unique exhibition car with an empty box instead of a radar, which is noticeably different in size and geometry from the present one.


Thanks for the info, everybody! I appreciate it!

I’m leaning towards the Meng kit at this point. I like having options.