Trumpeter Mk23 truck with armor protection kit | Armorama™

Bill Horton builds Trumpeter's huge and complex Marines armored truck in 1/35th.

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Outstanding build, Bill. I’ve got one of these underway as well - used my Christmas bonus from the shop to buy it. I spent “an hour or so” in the back of the 1:1 version of this in Fallujah, so this is one of those kits that really called my name. One thing the Marines did with them was scrounge up by God real cushions for the seats in the back. The armor kit provided a good amount of protection, but it wasn’t the most comfortable ride…always room for one more :roll_eyes:

Really like this one. From the heavy look of this beast to the mismatched colors everything about it says bad ass. :+1: :+1:

Very nice. I guess I missed this the first time around. I built the standard Mk23 a while ago and it was a great build and very impressive when done. This is even better.

One note, you call the gun up top a CROWS, which it is not. CROWS stands for Common Remotely Operated Weapons System, which is a remote gun fired from inside a vehicle like on a Stryker or M1A2 SEP v2. This is just a .50 cal on a MCTAGS (Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield) setup.

white4, that is comforting to know. Every seat in that truck, including the cab, looked uncomfortable as hell. And given the size and weight of it, I’m sure it rides more like a truck than a truck, LOL. Arty, thanks for the correction on the CROWS, I was going from my scanty memory, which now has another military acronym to remember! :wink: I saw an ad in an old magazine; I didn’t realize the original Mk23 tool dated back to 2013. In any event, it’s a great tool. Thank you all the comments.