Trumpeter MTVR w/Armor Protection Kit available

It looks like this kit is now available. It is showing up on eBay and in US and Canadian shops.


Ooh that looks really cool. Gota get me one of these!

Looks very good. The ladder looks much better than the one in the conversion from Blackdog. Armored plate under running boards and frame is included but it seems wheel arches armor has been forgotten.
The turret looks well made.

It’s a great kit, I got one when we first got them at the store with the Christmas bonus. It’s basically the MTVR with new parts added. The A-driver/gunner seat is still the same as it was in the original kit. Still wicked expensive, too (but oh so nice when it’s built up!)

Sounds good. From what I have seen of the parts sprues and direction scans at Hobby Search, it looks really nice.

Here is the build review I did of the original release MTVR that shows detail that can be added to the interior…

…including fixing the gunner’s seat.

It’s not a bad kit it does not have a full engine just the bottom half.

Goes nice with the bronco Hummer. Also use DEF wheels for both.

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Sweet! Might have to pick one up

Very nice. I really like the camo net over the bed.

Now they just need to do an M777 to go with it.

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