Trumpeter"S M983/M870 conundrum

So I got this kit for Christmas and I’m a bit puzzled as to what to do with it. I’v e looked online and I have not found this combo other then photos of the kit. I’ve found photos of the M983A4 pulling the newer M870A3 (?) and the only M983A1 photos I find are being used to pull the Patriot launcher. So, what can I do with this?

The truck in the kit is an M983A2 LET (Light Equipment Transporter). It has a winch in place of the spare tire and is supposed to have a roller at the rear, but Trumpeter missed it. It also has the BII box on the right side in place of the side-mounted winch. The combo is/was used by Engineer Bns to carry equipment such as dozers.

M983A2 LET

M983A2 LET w/M870A3 trailer. They did pull M870A2s as well.

M983A4 LET, everything behind the engine area is the same on the A2 LET. You can see the rear winch (1), BII box (2), and rear roller (3) well.

M983A4 LET pulling M870A2