Trumpeter T-14 Armata start to finish

I forced myself to finish this before tackling the HEMTT. It was a Evil-Bay auction Item and I got it for £23 + £5 shipping.

It is much larger than a 1/35 T-72 family wagon and is close in size to a CR2 or an M1.
I started with the rear plate.

Then the running gear.No polycaps in this kit.

The lower hull with the suspension attached.

Test fitting the wheels.

The upper hull was warped lengthwise resulting in a big gap.

I used extra thin rapid working from rear to front finally clamping the front together while it set.

Compared to my T-90A build the turret was only a handful of parts.

I was going to use the kit tracks but at 96 links per side and 2 parts per link I used Masterclub ones. The kit tracks have the rubber pads fitted so as I wanted to it as being off road using AM tracks without the pads was a no-brainer.

Tamiya black green applied to lower hull and the sides dry fitted for painting the rest.

First coat of overall black green. The studio flash shows every imperfection so I had to touch up a couple of areas.

Next dark green in the centre of large flat areas then some more with yellow green for a few select areas.

Then the whole model was varnished with MRP matt and then treated to an overall green oil wash. Still wet in this picture.

Oil dot filters/streaking and earth pigment added, lots on the tracks.

Model now dried.

Some very diluted buff added.

Thats it finished.


Looks good for a quick build to knock out before the M983 and PATRIOT launcher.

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