Trumpeter T-72 B3 update

This is part of Trumpeters June product update.

What is their normal time span between product update and on the shelf?


Depends how fast the “slow boat from China” is.

It looks like the illustrator had some fun with the flying turret in the background. :grinning:

The kit already existed. All Trumpeter had to do was creating the bag armor and the Javelin bait on top of the turret.



And I bought this :dizzy_face:

Well ,I’ll put it on T72B era

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The cage looks a little bit too sophisticated compare to what I have seen.

Thanks to you buying resin, we all now have plastic.
Took one for the team!


It’s on eBay

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I’m sure it’s a great kit but why did Trumpeter kits get so damn expensive?

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Cost of original kit plus cost of 3D printed cage plus cost of resin bag armor > cost of new kit.


Competing with Dragon in the price dept. Remember Dragon was inexpensive… for a while

Where did you hear that the new parts are 3D and resin?
Not a bad price then.

No, I meant that building it using the original kit, the 3D cage and the resin bags would cost more than just getting the new kit. Of course, maybe Trumpeter will surprise us and have the bags in resin. I asked Lee at Legend but they’re swamped right now.

I get you.
Your 100% right about the added costs.

Popping T-72 turrets isn’t really “Rocket Science”… :rofl:

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Well…if you use a Javelin…

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