Trumpeter T-72 build

From the pile of shame.
Third kit from the pile!
Ready for paint.


Good looking build there Dan. How was the kit ?

Thanks, good but partie.
Hated adding the many many round PE for the anti radiation cladding as it’s a chore to clean up those little guys
I enjoyed building Meng’s T90 more

Excellent build. I’m still digging up the hoses for the external tanks on my Tamiya T-72M1 build. Thinking of replacing the rubber tracks with some metal tracks from SanXin.

Thankfully I found some vinyl with wire inside of it and that made the process 100% easier.
I won’t do it again on another build (I think).
Miniart makes some nice track for a good price.

What finish and paint will you be putting on it Dan ?


it owuld look great in standard 4BO with the Soviet era Ground Forces emblem on the spotlight…

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I don’t think they call it 4BO now…

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I think sometype of green.
I’ve seen some nice camo’ed vehicles but they seem to be parade vehicles and they have a emblem that I don’t have a decal of.

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I think AK Interactive’s Modern Russian Green would fit the bill.

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I have that but thought it looked a bit to fresh and bright if you know what I mean, I was thinking of 4BO as it looks a bit fuller ??

yeah; a bit “greener” shade. AK Interactive does a set under the Meng brand that has a couple shades of green.

As for the decals, you can get this set from Takom’s ZSU-57 kit that has, amongst others, a set of the Soviet Armed Forces emblems.

Takom 1/35th Scale Soviet SPAAG ZSU-57-2 Decals & Directions from Kit No. 2058 | eBay

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Got it!

I see what you mean. I think there are many variations in Russian green.

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Yeah… Another paint type minefield… When I get round to doing whichever one I get, I will go for an older duller tone I think.

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I used tamiya dark green and lightened it with yellow , looks ok to my eye.


I have to Meng T-72 kits waiting in the aisles; a T-72B3 and a T-72B3M and I have several bottles of AK Interactive REAL Color Moder Russian Green, along with two cans of AK Interactive RUssian Green spray paint. Trying to figure out which one will look best, so i am in the EXACT same dilema.

Going to have to test out the colors on some styrene to see how they look before i even start putting these kits together.

The Meng kits are nice to build.

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I built their TUSK Abrams and BUSK Bradley and enjoyed it. Great kits; i look forward to building these… As soon as I finish the ones I already have on the bench. :sweat_smile:

Paint is on and I used AK REAL Modern Russian Green.
It’s bright, but not as not as bright as it seems here.
I’ll be adding more yellow to the green and painting when the parts are all assembled.