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August releases from Trumpeter.

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That T-72 looks a cracker!

I recall that the military magazine International Defence Review pulled off something approaching an intelligence scoop when they published pictures of a French military visit to the new tank somewhere in the Soviet Union; I mean, what the hell? The tank that NATO inteliigence agencies had been desperate to get details of, and here was a 2-3 page open-press article with pictures of French officers clambering all over the thing!

I think this must have been roughly, the mid 70s, say 75/76; I can’t quite remember save that I saw the magazine when I was at a Div HQ in southern England.

Anyway, one for me in due course(!)

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I wonder how this V-150 will compare to the Hobby Boss release. Why, Trumpeter, did you not make a base V-100/M706 and add the V-150 pieces so that a modeler could choose? Other than selling yet another version. The HB needed some refinements, especially to having openable “Dutch” doors and a more accurate interior, especially the turret interior.

I am currently building the T-72 Ural version and this new T-72M is my favorite. I built it using a Trumpeter hull and Tamiya turret but having the Trumpeter promised, I will surely buy and build again. My reference (and existing) tank has almost the above configuration with LRF,but without the “desant handles” on the front of the turret.
Hungarian T-72M

Absolutely love the newer Trumpeter T-72 and T-80 kits. Just finished their T-72B3 and a T-84M Oplot-M and loved them both. Absolutely banging.

Will probably grab the new T-72, they are just such good kits.

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