Trumpeter THAAD 1:35

I have been building this one for few days now, very nice kit and most of the parts go together without a problem.
I had some trouble with suspension as pins didn’t exactly matched holes in the frame.
It will probably be in all sand colour as I can’t find any pictures in different colour.
Here we go progress so far:


Looking good. I think all THAADs are in sand. I haven’t seen any NATO camo ones either.

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Excellent job on the build so far!

I like these big builds, looking forward to seeing more.

You are making a very interesting model. :+1: Have you thought about installing a valorisation unit in the form of an engine?

I thought about working on engine, but in the end it will not visible so no point.

Progress so far, I really like all these extra stuff they added, lots of details:


Awesome work so far. I was finally able to grab one as well. It looks good out of the box but adding the extra bits is tempting. I will follow along to see your end results.

Hi all
I have managed to get some progress over the weekend, all dry fit so far:


Some more progress, chasis and all of the parts like cab, generator, pls etc are dry fitted at the moment:

I have also put together sausages for the launcher, some putty is required:


Following this one for sure!

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Hi all
So the assembly part is complete, must say that I really enjoyed building this kit, no major problems and fitting is really good.
I have decided to go with resin wheels and DEF models were easily available on eBay so here is the dry fitting result:


Just found this one… Glad I did… Looks very impressive Adam… And BIG !!! Looks well detailed and you’ve added some nice extra details which all add to it …


Do you like def model wheels?

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Impressive beast!! I need to have it in my showcase!

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That’s one big honkin’ piece of hard hardware. :+1: :+1:

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They look very good and price was alright, availability of other like real model, voyager etc it’s not really good over here at the moment so I wasn’t too picky.

It has been good few months without update, so I will post final pictures of the build.
I have tried to make all parts of LHS movable, but the weight and resistance proofed to be to much for the hinges and in the end had to glue all solid and only launcher can be moved up and down.
Painted with Tamiya desert yellow and highlighted with buff 50/50 and then just buff.
Wash with oil, mix of few colours.
It came out a bit too dirty for what I think it should be, but that is it now.


Nice work!

Beautifully done. Great build and the finish is excellent. It doesn’t look like it’s weathered too much to me Adam. Excellent job all around!

Nothing at all wrong with that finishing or weathering… Looks fantastic. Great job all round :+1: