Trumpeter to release 1/200 Fletcher kit(s)

Preview video of the Trumpeter Fletcher in 1/200 scale about to be released

Available for preorder at Squadron

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Hope Trumpeter has done a better job than Revell did on their 1/44 Fletcher. Sure, Revell’s kit is BIG, and builds up into an OK model, but with their experience, and in such a large scale, they could have done much better. Too many molded-on details.
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Trumpeter has always been after market “friendly” in their releases, so judging by what is in the video I will say that it will be a nice kit but not a detailed one. Already one can see the wheels for the door mechanisms molded on, the fire extinguishing nozzles molded on the bulkheads, as well as the hoses etc.

I totally agree on the Revell kits