Trumpeter TOS-1A WIP

Finally got my hands on this… Excellent Trumpeter model, only complaint is the fitting of cage for front lights and some errors in parts numbers in instructions (nothing you can’t figure out).
Basic painting is done, 3 layers of paints (mottling style) - Dark Russian base, Zaschitniyi Zeleno and Zaschitniyi lightened with Medium Light green (all Ammo).


Nice neat build, it’s one I have been eyeing up… You’re doing a great job with it.

Fantastic looking paintwork.

Nice job of achieving depth on the paint.

Very nice job so far. Does Trumpeter give the option of an unloaded launcher?


Unfortunately not. Its either this, or covered front and back.

Thank you. At least Trumpeter gives another option.
The one you chose is more operational.


Next step: wheels, tracks and side fenders on, basic weathering on wheels and tracks. Now on to washes and stuff.
Handling of model is problematic at this stage because Ammo Satin varnish tends to peel when handled without extreme care (interesting, it reacts really well on enamels and oils)


Looking really good. The detailing on the side skirts is nice and realistic :+1:

Looking nice, but this is version TOS-1 and it is not in Ukraine.
TOS-1A is


Oh well… I just saw the box and you are right…it’s not 1A. I guess it will have to fall under “what if” category…unless they drag that version in too.

Or you can remove Z and it will be all good :blush:

Will see, the thing is that the crappy Ammo satin varnish is on and if I try to sand it, it will peel. Z is hand painted, rather thickly and I think it will still be visible if I just respray over it.

OK, now that we know that I am an idiot that doesn’t know how to read the name of the model on the box and doesn’t check the facts of the models in recent conflict, nor even how to change the title of the topic to a proper name of model being built, we can move on :rofl:
Since sanding that crappy satin finish was mission impossible (peeling), I had to respray areas marked with letter Z and then sand over that. Then the areas were given a rather generous amount of IPA wash and stippled with brush to level it up.
Ammo Starship filth Shader was sprayed mostly on front part of launcher to simulate burnt paint from missiles launching.
Model was given a wash, that’s why it is so glossy at the moment.

On the next two pictures you can see the issue with lifting mechanism that is rubbing and peeling the paint.

That’s it for now…


Nice job on the recovery! I’ve had a couple of models that I thought I had completely screwed up. I resisted the temptation to drop them in the trash, fixed the issues, and later won ribbons at shows with them.

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