Trumpeter's M1078 and M1082 LMTVT

Hi, Guys.
The Cougar is finally finished, and I’m starting the M1078 that I’ve had for ages. I want to hitch the M1082 to it, but there’s no provision for that in either kit, right? The pintle is molded closed. Has anyone operated on it successfully? I don’t trust myself.
Thanks, Gary

Cutting the pintle apart is easy. Cut the upper part off, then angle the rear end and reattach.

Like below.

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Thanks, Gino. I didn’t have the parts in front of me at the time. You’re right, it doesn’t look bad. The circular coupler/connection (what’s the real name of that part?)on the trailer looks a little oversized to me. It should work. Thanks!

A Lunette Ring.

Good luck and keep us posted.