Trying Alclad II, have some questions

  1. Would cellulose thinner or acetone work with Alclad primer?
  2. Can the paint be removed used acetoneless polish remover?

Acetone free nail polish remover usually contains solvents that will dissolve styrene, i.e. you can use them as glue. I am almost certain that they will remove the Alclad, …together with some of the plastic beneath it.

Cellulose thinner contain some of the same chemicals as the nail polish remover, with similar effects …

Acetone isn’t quite as aggressive on styrene, it will cloud clear parts though.

I don’t think you need to thin it for spraying. Cleaning the airbrush is done with lacquer thinners

Isopropyl Alcohol will remove the paint without damaging the underlying styrene or resin.


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