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Here we take a look at a new Peko Publishing title 'TTL (Through the Lens) World War II Vehicles'.

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I have 7 or 8 of Peko’s “traditional” series, the “on the battlefield” series, such as the one below. I like the series, they are very good reference books, although they do have a few vacancies to be filled, such as the Kingtiger perhaps. They could do one on artillery as well, that would be a nice addition.


I am unsure why Peko felt the need to start a new series “through the lens” ?!?!?! The contents of the book as described in the article seems to just a mish-mash of odds and sods.

Doesn’t make sense to me…. at all… I think i’ll pass on this one.


OK… just read on Pekos facebook page that they are discontinuing the “on the battlefield” series.

Not great news, i’m a big fan.

They also describe their new series “through the lens” as each book covering 6-8 subjects.

Personally I prefer 1 book to cover 1 subject…. makes life easy when researching. I can’t imagine opening a new kitset from Takom and finding bits for 6 or 8 kits inside…


I’m inclined to agree. Why put the T34 in the middle of a book that’s otherwise German subjects, unless it’s Beutepanzer?

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