Tupolev G-5

On the bench this week is a 1/144 resin kit of the Tupolev G-5 Russian WWII torpedoe boat. It measures right at 5" in length and is the first full resin kit that I’ve done other than resin figures. Just about 75% completed. Had to rebuild the skids on the stern in styrene as the resin parts were all broken.


What a cool looking craft! So how did they attack, just slide the torpedoes off the stern, turn away and hope you didn’t get hit with your own fish? Yikes!

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Looks to be a very nice kit…and you ve done a
a great job so far!
And yes. it does have a strange way of firing off
the torpedoes.

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Exactly! There’s a YouTube video that shows it sliding out the back and since the boat was faster than the torpedo when it is dropped off, it (the boat) simply turns off to the side and the torpedo proceeds on it’s merry way. Typical Russian, no frills! Video is in Russian language but it uses an animation to show delivery.

Thanks! It is small and most of the PE is VERY small. Most of the resin pieces were fine but some very thin pieces were broken too much to repair so had to be remade with styrene. Not really too difficult just a bit tedious. I find that doing PE is a real Love/Hate thing!

Dropping the torpedos of the back like that was developed by the British during WW1 for their CMB’s

They participated in the raids on Kronstadt and Zeebruge which may be where the Soviets got the idea

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Makes sense. They’re good at copying other peoples ideas and then selling it as their own. Very typical Russian. But it’s still a very cool looking boat…very sleek and streamlined.

Interesting Info…you learn something new everyday.
Did the Russians simply copy or did they make
modification to the British CMB design?

After looking at Steviecee’s post, I’d say they copied the British CMB design very closely. Like I said they’re good at taking someone elses design, modifying it slightly, and claiming it’s their own “original” design… example…AK47. Too similar to Sturmgewehr 44 to be “totally original design!” Just my opinion. But my opinion aside…it’s a very cool looking torpedo boat. You have too wonder why then there is no kit of the British CMB?