Tutorial: How to use Tags

If we want to get the most out of the tagging system, we need to get more of you using the tagging system. Check out this brief tutorial and ask questions if you have them.

Creating and applying tags

Tags are created upon first usage. When composing or editing a topic, a user with tag creation and/or application privileges will see a tag chooser next to the category chooser.

Tags can also be adjusted when quick editing a topic title:

:mega: Please note that categories, depending on their settings, can optionally limit which tags may apply to that category.

Filter topics by tags

You can find the full list of tags on the /tags page on your site, along with a count of how often each tag has been used. Selecting a tag will present a list of topics that have had the tag applied.

:mega: If you ever need to filter topics by more than one tag at the same time, use the following URL syntax: