Two person kayak

Wood kit…scale unknown…maybe 1/16th ?


kit or scratch built ? … nice clean lines to it

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Nice woodwork.
I think the scale is irrelevant since it would be very difficult to paddle such a kayak, i.e. the model is most likely not based on an actual 1:1 scale kayak design.

I agree, nice clean lines. :+1::+1:

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HOLY UNIAK Batman! That’s one nice job! The holes do look a bit close for paddling though but a beautiful job reguardless!

Hmmm…ever hear of “Cockleshell Heroes”? British Commandoes who mined German shipping in Bordeaux harbor in 1942. Although their Kayaks were canvass, and collapsible.
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5 kayaks left the HMS Tuna, 2 kayaks reached the destination.
Flat bottom kayaks are more stable and easier to paddle on smooth water,
when it gets a little bit rough it is better to have a rounded hull bottom (elliptical cross section).
The flat bottom wants to stay level with the water surface, when the water starts tilting (waves)
it gets more difficult to keep the canoe upright than with a rounded bottom.
Primary vs secondary stability:

The hard chined kayak can tip over very suddenly due to its lack of secondary stability.

It can be paddled but the rounded bottom is better.
My dads friend built his own kayak, without using any drawings and without any deeper knowledge.
The hull had a circular cross section … My dad built a kayak from drawings.
My dad could just about barely paddle the friends kayak without tipping over, the friend could stand up and paddle it, everybody else got a sudden bath …

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