Two small vignettes, M1114 and M1A1

So far I have had a good modelling year finishing 10 models. Two of them modern Armor, the rest are airplanes (postes on Aeroscale)

The first vignette is a M1114 and some troops in Iraq patrol scenario. The vehicle is Dragons 1/72 M1114 twin pack. The figurens are white metal (Don´t remember the brand) and the rest is scratch built. I will not guarantee 100% correctness but I guess it is good enough for 1/72 scale given this is a «scrap» build, based on leftover parts.

Next one is an old shelf queen which has been on and off the bench for years. Again 1/72 scale armor from Dragon, the M1A1. I added stowage from Black dog togheter with some scratchbuilding. The ZSU-23 is from Ace (I think…). Figures are Ceasar Miniatures. The TC is a mixture of Preiser and homemade stuff. Of course I found the figure I originally had planned to use about a week after I had finished the build… I used Echelons excellent decals to portrait one of the tanks performing the Thunder Run back in 2003.

Hope you enjoy.



Both look great and well detailed and finished. Nice work

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They both look great overall. One small issue is the boots on the soldiers w/the M1A1. They look brown, but should be a sandy color.

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I will fix that. Don´t know why i used the darker color since I have a pair of US boots I traded back in 03 :man_facepalming:t2:

Both are well finished diorama. I really like the placement of the elements, very dynamic. Good job. :+1:

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Very nice and neat builds, but IMHO maybe TOO clean. Google pics of these vehicles in action and you’ll see what I mean. :+1:
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Very nicely done , shows a story great work .

Nice work. The subtle shifts of sand shading on the M1A1 makes it very eye catching.

The building and bush balances the M1114 well.