Type 94 Tank painting of the interior

So finally finished painting and weathering the interior of the tank. It will represent a disabled, partly destroyed tank in the Pacific with a marine looking at the wreck. It took some time, but was fun and rewarding.

I only had a handful of museum pictures to guide me, not only with what was more or loess in the tank, but also a color scheme of what was inside.

A lot of it is guess work, particular the engine. I only had shots of the top. I knew it was air cooled, made by Mitsubishi and was a four cylinder, that’s it. The next photos are of what should be visible from the hatches once done.

Hope in is interesting to you and thanks for looking.


Some fantastic tones on the bare metal and the inside - looks brilliant.

Thanks for the comment. I used quite a bit of paints, washes, oils and chipping fluid. In acyclic and enamels. Even real earth and enamel earth tones. I basically used about everything I knew, even dry brushing. Now the outside.

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Well it worked :+1:

Quick edit … It wouldnt go amiss to add some more crude and dirt/oil etc behind the pedals and under the drive shaft area… those areas are usually still filthy even after a deep clean

Very impressive detail paintwork here Mike. I am really looking forward how you will finish the camouflage of the vehicles outer walls. Great job so far :+1:


Superbe réalisation

Really awesome !

Fantastic weathering job. I like the floor and roof a lot. Looking forward to the end result.

damn son! good work!

I agree. Trying to not over due it has caused me to be to cautious. I am very glad for your input before I button it up to assemble the outside.

I added some dust and grime. I have some spent ammo casings of the machinegun on the way to add, but adding that grime afterwards would have been much harder. Thanks again.


Thanks for the comment. this is actually the more concerning area for me. Normally the outside is easy as this is what we do all the time, but this well be some broken and twisted metal that the inside and outside need to tie in together to make sense. Thanks for looking.

Wow! That is some great weathering. You’ve really captured that well-worn look.