Typhoon-U Test Model Images | Armorama™

After releasing number of images showing CAD model, RPG Models shows us the boxart image as well as several photos of the assembled test model... impressive!

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/typhoon-u-test-model-images


I see some elbow grease getting burned off by clearing out 4 x 17 holes.


vs the box-art


Maybe some 3D-printer will come to the rescue, I think it needs more than 17 holes in width as well:

I didn’t even know I needed this! Never built an RPG model. Injection molded, right? Any good?

RPG is indeed injection molded styrene

I have their T-80 but am nowhere near starting it due to other projects in the pipeline lol

Odd that they choose to make that rear step out of styrene. IMHO PE would have been the better option, especially since there are other PE appearing parts.

Given the shape, which seems to be made of strips and not a grid, it would be a nightmare to assemble that in photoetch