Typhoon VDV 4x4 K-4386 - Zvezda 1/35


Is the same version that Meng and RPG make?
I assume there are variations.

RPG makes this version, but not Meng. Meng’s version (as well as the first turreted RPG version) has a turret that is presently not in use (at least last time I checked) and was only a trial version. This Zvezda kit, as well as the second turreted RPG kit, represents the turret currently in service with the VDV.

RPG’s kit is pretty good, so it will be interesting to see if Zvezda’s is any better. About the only thing lacking in RPG’s kit is a rear interior (Meng includes one but since their kit isn’t of an actual in service version…) so it would be nice if Zvezda included one, but from the looks of the CAD images, they will not.

Good to know, thanks.


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Very nice! I think the interior is a big plus compared to RPG Model’s offering. On the other hand, the exterior seems to be more detailed in RPG kits.

The tires are a let down, Kama was used on prototypes, not on Typhoons in active service.


Wasn’t even aware that Michelin made tires for the Typhoon-VDV. Then again, Michelin is the largest tire manufacturer in the world.