U-505 Decals

Does anyone know where I can get some decals for the Revell 1/72 U-505? I need a correct set of shield decals.


Take a look here: Sets for U-505, IXC 1/72 Revell 05114

It doesn’t look like he has a correction for the shield decals - which is interesting, as he tends to strive for accuracy and any fixes, but it may be worth shooting him an email as he may just not have it on the website.

To buy anything you’ll need to send Oto an email, and then he’ll send you a PayPal invoice. I’ve bought nearly all of their upgrades for Border’s 1/35th section and they’ve all arrived stateside without issues.

Be warned that the other goodies and upgrades are tempting!

I know about his site, and I will get some parts from him. I will see if he can do the decals.
AMP used to make a nice set of decals for it, but that is out of production.
I was hoping that there was some other set available that I didn’t know about.