U-boot commander

The things I normally do, painting figures/bust.
U-boot commander painted in Acrylics, from Life Miniatures, scale 1/10

DSC_6692-a DSC_6693 DSC_6694 DSC_6695 DSC_6698 DSC_6700


EXCELLENT paint job!

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Lovely work Jan. I really like the tones you’ve chosen for the hair and skin- they complement each other brilliantly. I think you’ve managed to capture the texture and look of the cap in fine style as well. But that check shirt is just awesome- it really draws the eyes in almost immediately with the colors and the pattern.

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Yeah beautiful job Jan!

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Outstanding work! Thanks for sharing!

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Couldnt agree more, that shirt looks great and gives the whole thing a real personal feel for the Commander. and great job overall